Stuffie Smackdown Entry Details


April 7 - 14 - 28, 2019   2PM - 4PM                                        


May 5, 2019                        2PM - 4PM

We will only be accepting the first 24 applicants! 

  1. REGISTRATION: 6 different participants will be scheduled over three weeks: April 7, April 14 and April 28. Please email  us your registration information to  Once received we will confirm your attendance and Smackdown date.                                 
  2. PREPARATION: Each participant should prepare ONE DOZEN stuffies.
  3. ARRIVAL: Each participant should arrive by 1PM. There is a parking lot in the back of the building.
  4. JUDGING: Three preliminary competitions will be held: April 7, April 14 and April 28. Each participant will bring one dozen stuffies and deliver to the kitchen at the IA by 1PM of confirmed competition date.
  5. Kitchen staff will assign a number for each participant. Stuffies will be portioned and presented for judging to the public attending from 2-4pm. Each person attending will receive a ballot to rank the stuffies.
  6. The top two participants that receive the most votes will go on to the finals which will be held May 5, 2019. 

FINALS May 5th 2 PM - 4PM

Winners will be announced each Smackdown Day after the ballots are counted at 4PM.  

The top two winners from each Smackdown will advance to the Finals.  

Finals will be judged by 5 Judges.  4 Vip judges and 1 public vote.  

Be sure to invite your friends to take part in the judging.  Live music is scheduled for each Smackdown Day and the FINALS!


Smackdown Dates: April 7 - 14 - 28

Everyone says they make the best stuffies!

....Now is your chance to PROVE IT!